Motorcycle Luggage

Motorcycle luggage allows bike riders to carry all necessary things while cruising on bikes. It helps to keep the personal things in a safe and comfortable manner, as there is a locking facility present in most modern luggage.

Motorcycle luggage comes in a wide variety of choices to select from. It can have hard and soft sided cases. Luggage with hard sided cases is more bulky and expensive compared to soft luggage. The luggage with soft sided cases has limited storage capacity. Such luggage finds use to carry less number of marriages while on bikes. The colors, sizes, and prices vary too. Some among the commonly used luggage items are tank bags, side bags, roll-tool bags, saddle bags, sissy bar bags, backpacks, and cruiser cases.

There are certain points to be considered while buying motorcycle luggage. First, the luggage should have enough space to hold all the belongings. Secondly, it should fit perfectly with the type of the bike the rider has. Now-a-days, it is possible to get bikes of varying sizes and styles. Finally, individuals should find out about the installation process. Installation may sometimes be a difficult and time consuming task. In some other cases, it can be simple and easy.

Motorcycle luggage available in recent days is designed in such a way that it contains a storage container attached on a rigid plate at the bottom. This rigid plate is allowed to be snapped on to the body of a conventional bike where the removable back seat is found.

With this modern design, motorcycle luggage benefits the riders in a number of ways. It allows the riders to install the luggage quickly on the bike without doing any configurations with the vehicle. The rider need not have to worry about the luggage getting loose or getting entangled in the back wheel. Above all, there is safety and security with the present day luggage.

Motorcycle Flames to Customize Your Bike

Motorcycle flames are a popular style of motorcycle custom painting. They can be done in many different ways. Motorcycle flames are also one of the oldest ways of custom painting. Back in the Fifties (and before) people would paint the red and yellow flames down the side of their hot rod.

Since the they have been done in solid colors with or without pinstripes on their edges. they have been done with "pearl" colors usually without a pinstriped edge, this is called "ghost flames".

Pinstriped flames are just an outline of the flames. They can be masked and sprayed or hand striped with a "dagger" brush. The points of the flame can be "tipped" with a slightly lighter color. They can be shaded like is done with lettering sometimes, to give an illusion that the stripes are "raised".

A way that I like is where you paint the background color then do the motorcycle flames, stripes and graphics that you want first. Those are usually used using shades of golds and silver, maybe black, then covering everything with a "candy" color. The tank is then one color that you can see your design through.

Realistic flames are the newest type of Motorcycle flames. Done in multiple of regular and candy color layers it gives a very effective look.

These are several methods to do flames. There are many ways to alter and combine methods. Flame painting has been around a long time and looks like it will be around a long time to come. Keeping the same ways and also changing and coming up with new ways.